ABB to supply DC fast chargers for EV infrastructure in Egypt

Revolta Egypt is developing a plan for the rollout of an electric vehicle infrastructure in Egypt

Terra 53 DC fast charger.
Terra 53 DC fast charger.


ABB has announced plans to supply the first of twelve Terra 53 multi-standard DC fast chargers to Revolta Egypt, which is developing a comprehensive plan for the rollout of an electric vehicle infrastructure in Egypt.

During the last eight years, ABB has developed its portfolio to offer a range of fast charging solutions for cars, buses and trucks. The Terra 53 multi-standard DC charging station is a configurable single, dual or triple outlet 50kW fast charging station, operational in hard weather conditions from -35 degrees to +55 Celsius. It is aimed at highway rest stops, petrol stations, car dealerships and busy urban areas such as public parking lots.
Revolta Egypt aims to drive EV technology into the growing Egyptian market as soon as possible. Once the first Terra 53 has been successfully installed, Revolta Egypt will showcase the charger to public officials and reputable car dealers in Egypt, and a further eleven identical chargers will be delivered by ABB for installation at petrol stations across the country.

Frank Mühlon, head of ABB’s global business for electric vehicle charging, said: “ABB will capitalise on its strong market leadership position and local best-in-class capabilities to continuously bring state of art developed solutions to our market and positively contribute in protecting our environment. We truly believe that this fits perfectly with Egypt’s ambitious plans for a cleaner and healthier environment.”

Mohammed Moustafa, CEO and founder of Revolta Egypt, said: “An electric vehicle is not just a car you drive. It’s central to the role you play for a better future for humanity, a better future for our children. Driving an electric vehicle carries ethical, social and environmental responsibilities in addition to its economic advantages. We will not hesitate to make any investments or efforts to help in reducing the levels of environmental pollution in Egypt.”

ABB has provided charging solutions as part of its drive to promote sustainable mobility since 2010 and has sold more than 6,000 cloud connected DC fast chargers around the world for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

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