JCB launches electric aerial work platforms powered by lithium ion batteries

JCB S2032E electric aerial work platform.
JCB S2032E electric aerial work platform.


In 2017, the newly-launched JCB Access business unveiled nine all new electric scissors as the company announced its intention to become a major player in the $8 billion powered access market. JCB Access has unveiled five new lithium ion models: the S1530E, S1930E, S2032E, S2646E and the S2646E, offering working heights of 6.6m through to 10.1m.

The lithium ion design has been created in response to customer demand: the biggest concern for all electric work platform operators, particularly in the rental industry, is battery misuse and damage through incorrect recharging. Lithium ion batteries offer up to 40% longer operation and a 50% cut in recharging times compared to conventional lead acid batteries. Furthermore, unlike lead acid batteries, lithium ion batteries can be left in a low state of charge without damaging the cells and can be set to cut-out when minimum charge level is reached, to protect the battery. No maintenance is required with lithium ion and there are no hydrogen emissions during charging.

The lithium ion powered machines come with a Smartphone app which provides wireless connectivity for real-time condition checks of the batteries. The battery has up to 2000 recharge cycles, four times as many as a lead acid battery. JCB Access has developed a Battery Management System (BMS) that allows customers to monitor each cell in the battery pack, adjusting the load to ensure all cells are performing at their optimum. The BMS works in conjunction with the motor controller to ensure that batteries deliver maximum power and performance throughout their lives. As the batteries reach a low charge level, the JCB motor controller activates a cut-out to alert the operator to the need to recharge the machine. This ensures that there is sufficient charge in the battery for the operator to return the machine to the charging station.

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