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Mustafa Caner Sinanoglu, managing director-Middle East, Ford Trucks, points out that fleet owners shouldn’t have to worry about trucks when they can focus on their core competencies such as logistics and distribution

Mustafa Caner Sinanoglu, managing director-Middle East, Ford Trucks.
Mustafa Caner Sinanoglu, managing director-Middle East, Ford Trucks.


As fleet operators in the Middle East go on a cost-cutting spree, those investing in new heavy-duty trucks are demanding a combination of enhanced features and services that can reduce their total cost of ownership, which at the bare minimum, requires higher performance and fuel efficiency and lower service and maintenance costs.

Mustafa Caner Sinanoglu, managing director-Middle East, Ford Trucks, points out that fleet owners shouldn’t have to worry about trucks when they can focus on their core competencies such as logistics and distribution. 

We see our customers as partners, and therefore, we are positioning ourselves as the right solutions provider, particularly for those facing difficult times. We aim to eliminate all unknown costs for our customers and want our vehicles to help drive their businesses,” says Sinanoglu. 

From a product development perspective, Ford Trucks is responding to customer concerns with its new 3543T 6x4 tractor head series, which was designed and developed by considering the specific needs and requirements of the GCC market.

Recently launched in the UAE, the 3543T series has advanced specifications such as 10mm 500 MPa strong steel chassis, twin clutch, 16-speed ZF manual transmission, and day and sleeper cab options. Powered by a 12.7L engine, the 6x4 tractor head axle configuration provides the capacity to move heavy loads and better grip on off-road conditions such as construction and quarry sites. Delivering power to more tyres provide better control and overall vehicle operation, which also makes the vehicle suitable for long distance haulage. Also, in the Ford Trucks construction series, an automated transmission option assists drivers in keeping their vehicle sure-footed on any terrain with off-road, rocking and economy modes. The vehicles are equipped with 24-inch tyres in response to market requirements and are currently being offered with a comprehensive warranty that can be extended up to five years.

The development process of the 3543T series involved a $185.6 million (EUR150) million investment in the development of Ecotorq engines and new Ford Trucks, 750 engineers working on the project for four years, two million km of test drives in eight countries across three continents, under the world’s toughest conditions.

We’re producing our seventh-generation tractor in the history of Ford Trucks in Turkey since we started producing commercial vehicles in 1960. The Ford Trucks 6x4 tractor head series is a range of powerful and capable vehicles tailored to meet the specific needs of the UAE market. The 24-inch tyres have been included to provide superior ground clearance and high traction in extreme and challenging conditions, while the high front axle capacity increases its durability, and the high towing capacity allows transportation of heavy loads. We will be launching our 24-inch availability for our entire construction series 6x4 and 8x4 configurations,” says Sinanoglu.

The trucks also come with a ‘Hot Climate Package’ to provide comfort in hot and dusty environments with improved A/C and radiator performance, cabin isolation and filtration. The package was developed over a two-year period of vehicle durability tests in simulated laboratory conditions and also tailored to specific customer expectations through a series of road tests in the region. The Hot Climate Package is offered across the entire product line-up for the UAE.

“What makes Ford 3543T very competitive are its features that ensure less down time, and low fuel consumption, and our improved extended warranty and on-site maintenance and repair services, including mobile workshops to increase vehicle uptime. In addition, we focus on the principles of safe driving under tough working conditions such as hazardous material transportation and construction sites through the Ford Driver Academy, which provides drives with the opportunity to learn the secrets of cost-effective driving for improved fuel consumption. All these benefits result in low cost of ownership,” says Sinanoglu.

According to Sinanoglu, the new Ford Trucks series continues to offer savings after purchase with 25% reduced maintenance costs.
“Ford Trucks remains a true business partner even after the customers’ purchase. We offer both preventive service contracts and comprehensive service contracts, which customers can always tailor to their operating requirements The service periods have been extended up to 40,000 km/800 hours, which will offer the most competitive maintenance advantage for customers in the logistics and construction sectors,” says Sinanoglu.
The Euro 5 compliant versions of the 3543T series will be available in the UAE market during the second quarter of 2018. Models such as 1843T tractor, 1833 (4x2), 3543P/M/D (6x4) and 4143M/D (8x4) can be customised with transmission and cabin modules for on-road and off-road conditions.

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