Al Ghandi Auto Group reports increasing demand for Euro 4 Iveco Daily 50C15V van

The Iveco Daily 50C15V van has a cargo volume of 18cbm, which is an upgrade from the 17.2cbm available in previously models

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Al Ghandi Auto Group introduced Iveco’s Euro 4 light-duty vehicles in November 2017. The dealer is awaiting delivery of Iveco’s heavy-duty Euro 5 trucks before June 2018.

According to Mark Jenkins, CEO, Al Ghandi Auto Group, introducing emission regulations is a welcome move by the government, and Dubai is a market where new challenges are always accepted.

“In the heavy-duty category, we’ve already placed orders for Euro 5 compliant trucks. To increase demand, we’ll educate customers about the advantages of Euro 5 standards, how they’re compatible with the fuel quality in the UAE and how investing in them aligns with the long-term environmental sustainability strategy of the government,” says Jenkins. 

Meanwhile, Al Ghandi Auto Group has taken the lead in the light-duty vehicle market with the Iveco Daily 50C15V van. Since the Euro 4 vehicle was launched in November 2017, Al Ghandi has reported increasing demand in the UAE market. The Lulu Group recently added 75 models of the vehicle recently to its fleet.

Sam Joey, general manager, Saeed Mohammed Al Ghandi & Sons, Al Ghandi Group, says that the buying decisions of fleet owners are influenced by the track record of Iveco in the UAE market, fuel economy and safety.

“Iveco Daily vans have established a reputation among the government and private sectors as reliable vehicles for on-site and maintenance work for the telecom and utility industries, city deliveries for the retail and logistics industries and food trucks for the F&B industry. We’re the first to launch a Euro 4 light-duty vehicle in the market that provides the largest cargo volume. The Iveco Daily 50C15V van has a cargo volume of 18cbm, which is an upgrade from the 17.2cbm available in previously models. The volume can be increase up to 19cbm, which none of our competitors currently offer in the market,” says Joey.

Interior of the Iveco Daily 50C15V van.

With regard to Iveco’s new Euro 4 heavy-duty trucks, Jenkins says the company is receiving a lot of enquiries for dump trucks, water tankers, and other vehicles from government organisations and construction companies.

“Construction companies will remain our biggest clients. To cater to their evolving demands, Iveco continues to introduce new technologies to reduce the total cost of ownership by minimising operating costs and maximising residual value and fleet efficiency. As a dealer, we address all other factors that affect total cost of ownership. We always recommended that customers use genuine parts, customise their service packages and get training from time to time,” says Jenkins.

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