Insufficient tyre pressure is responsible for 85% of complete tyre failures

SAF-Holland has launched a retrofit system which continuously monitors the pressure in trailer tyres and automatically increases it to a preset level

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Fleet operators are aware about their two biggest cost drivers, fuel consumption and tyre wear. If they want to ensure that they run their businesses profitably and economically on an ongoing basis, they also need to be aware of the direct correlation between these two factors, according to Jean
Khoury, managing director, SAF-Holland Middle East.

“Insufficient tyre pressure is the reason for 85% of complete tyre failures. Such failures can be avoided by continuously monitoring and consistently maintaining tyre pressure. That saves time and minimises the risk of the trailer being out of action,” says Khoury.

SAF-Holland has launched an automatic tyre-inflating system for trailers and semitrailers. The SAF Tire Pilot is a retrofit system which continuously monitors the pressure in trailer tyres and automatically increases it to a preset level when required.

“The SAF Tire Pilot pressure monitoring system is an intelligent tyre assistant available for semitrailers with rigid and steering axles. When the tyre pressure drops, a warning light informs the driver and the integrated control box increases the pressure to the preset level. The assistance system reliably maintains the minimum pressure of 9.1 bar, even with puncture damage, allowing tractor-trailers to safely reach their destination or the nearest workshop. It reacts as soon as the pressure deviates by 0.2 bar and is therefore more accurate than other commercially available monitoring systems,” says Khoury.

The SAF Tire Pilot and the retrofit system (below).

Khoury points out that use of the SAF Tire Pilot should be considered during vehicle configuration, as the corresponding axles are already prepared accordingly at the factory.

“The SAF axles specified will be factory prepared for retrofitting of the system. Customers can then have the complete system retrofitted in their own vehicle workshops or by contractual partners. If the SAF Tire Pilot system fitted at the factory needs to be serviced, a new spare parts kit is available. It allows any dealer or fleet workshop to repair the tyre assistant,” he says.

SAF-Holland provides an online calculator to help customers estimate potential savings for tyre and fuel costs by using about the semitrailer
and the annual tyre costs. 

“The SAF Tire Pilot can save up to $1,360 for 100,000km per year. The investment in the assistance system, in most cases, pays for itself within one year,” says Khoury.

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