Cat’s ‘45-25-15’ proposition

Al-Bahar launched the next-generation Cat 320 excavator at the Big 5 Heavy expo, addressing the current challenges around productivity, fuel consumption and costs

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When Caterpillar and its regional dealer Al-Bahar unveiled a new generation of construction equipment at the inaugural Big 5 Heavy expo in Dubai under the theme ‘New Range, New Rules’, it reflected Cat’s idea of pushing old rules aside to make way for new ones. It also reflected the company’s simplification strategy, which resulted in slashing the number of its platforms, cabin types, and air filters by more than half.

Al-Bahar unveiled two new machines, the Cat 320 excavator and Cat 962L wheel loader, the latest offerings from its Next Gen and L Series product families. The company also exhibited the Cat 950 GC and 966L wheel loaders, Cat D8R dozer, Cat 340 excavator and Cat 239D compact track loader.

Cat promotes its next generation excavators under a value proposition termed ‘45-25-15’. The figures indicates the attributes of the new machines: up to 45% efficiency improvement for the operator, up to 25% reduction in fuel consumption and up to 15% maintenance cost reduction.

Cat ensures 45% increase in productivity by offering factory-equipped technology such as Cat grade with 2D, grade with assist, E fences, and payload CPM, which enables operators of all experience levels to dig, load, and grade with high speed and accuracy. The 25% reduction in fuel consumption in Cat 320 excavators as compared to its predecessors is achieved through parameters like engine RPM reduction, electro hydraulic systems, E-fan systems and engine mode settings. Finally, the 15% maintenance cost reduction is possible due to the design of the Cat 320, which has accommodated filter locations to offer checkpoints that can be accessed without climbing over the machine. In addition, new hydraulic, air, and fuel tank filters offer increased capacity and longer life.

According to Samer Ismail, earthmoving and excavation product manager, Al-Bahar, customer experience was the priority while designing the new range of excavators. In addition to enhancing operator skill, the aim was to address fuel and maintenance costs, jobsite safety, operator comfort, and variations in market requirements.

“Helping an average operator to become a great operator, were among the primary objectives while developing the new series. At Big 5 Heavy 2018, we were able to show our customers what Caterpillar along with Al-Bahar could offer them throughout their project life cycle, from beginning to end. More productivity with lower fuel consumption and maintenance is a universal need. Every business looks for profitability, and these three attributes assure this. Hence, we see the Middle East market also benefitting from the new models,” says Ismail.

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