Larson Electronics launches metal halide light tower

A 20kW engine powers six metal halide lamps producing a total of 900,000 lumens of light

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Larson Electronics has launched a mobile hydraulic light tower powered by a 20kW generator that includes six 1500-watt metal halide lamps. The WCDE-6X15M-20KW-220V-MKL-CPR-MOD1 model is suitable for remote locations, temporary sites, military bases and locations without grid power. The four-cylinder 20kW 1,800 rpm water-cooled diesel engine powers the six metal halide lamps producing a total of 900,000 lumens of light that can illuminate a minimum of 9 acres for over 19 hours without refuelling. The light tower is designed to support 220V 50Hz voltage, and it features three-phase 220V at 48.11 amps, as well as five power outputs and an ATS plug. This assembly includes automatic shutdown and an emergency stop switch.

The IP23 rated, telescoping light tower also includes a Deep Sea controller for status monitoring including battery voltage, frequency and runtime. The light tower system has 4-stage boom that can be raised up to 25 feet with a hydraulic operation that raises, lowers and can rotates the mast 359 degrees. The boom can withstand 50 mph winds at full height with stabilizing outriggers and is constructed of corrosion-resistant aluminium. All other operating components of this unit are 14-gauge steel, designed to provide airflow for cooling, and the entire unit can be transported by its two-wheel trailer mount.

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