Volvo targets higher fuel efficiency with engine and cab upgrade

New Euro 5 models introduced in the UAE come with the FH Globetrotter cab

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A month ago, Volvo Trucks launched its Euro 5 models in the UAE equipped with on-board diagnostics (OBD) to monitor the levels of diesel exhaust fluid (AdBlue) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology to lower emission levels. Alongside the launch of the Euro 5 models, Volvo launched the FH Globetrotter cab, which is 340mm taller than the current Volvo FH sleeper cabs and aerodynamically designed with smooth surfaces and rounded corners at the front to provide better fuel efficiency.

Jan Erik Thoren, managing director, Volvo Trucks Middle East, says: Volvo trucks was the first to announce its strategy on the Euro 4 emission norms. We have gone one step ahead and introduced the Euro 5 engines with the FH Globetrotter cab. The Volvo FH with the new Globetrotter cab is the future of trucks and sets new standards in drivability. The windscreen is bonded to the body, resulting in less noise in the cabin and better crash protection. The OBD also provides authorities with information regarding the emission levels of the trucks during inspection.”

Jan Erik Thoren, managing director, Volvo Trucks Middle East.

Responding to buyer concerns about increase in increase in upfront costs and maintenance costs of Euro 5 vehicles, Thoren says: “The investment cost on the Euro5 trucks will be offset by the increase in fuel efficiency of the trucks. The Euro 5 trucks are expected to be more fuel efficient than the Euro 3 trucks, which will bring in the customer value. Volvo always believes in customer value in terms of productivity, fuel efficiency, road safety and Durability of our trucks. The FH Globetrotter and the Euro 5 engines will go a long way in enhancing this value proposition for our customers.”
Thoren indicates that Volvo is prepared to introduce vehicles with higher emission standards if required.

“All our 2018 trucks imported into UAE from January 2018 have been Euro 5 trucks. Volvo’s UAE distributor FAMCO has exhausted almost all their Euro 3 stocks, and we have already started delivery of Euro 5 trucks. The UAE is expected to move to Euro 5 standards in 2021. We have already introduced the Euro 5 range in 2018. We are ready with our Euro 6 products, and we will plan for introduction in UAE in the coming years,” says Thoren.

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