Hyundai to launch FCEV bus that can charge in 15 minutes and purify air as it moves

The fuel cell electric vehicle, to be unveiled next year, will have a driving range of 460 km

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Hyundai Motor Company has developed a fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) bus and coach that can purify air as they move. The FCEV bus and coach can charge in 15 minutes and have a driving range of 460km. Both models feature Hyundai’s proprietary fuel cell electric vehicle technology, a button-driven gearbox and a digital cluster suitable for electric driving. Hyundai plans to launch the vehicles next year.

Vehicle specifications

                                                                        FCEV coach                                 FCEV bus

Length                                                           12,030 mm                                   10,995 mm

Passengers                                                   22 (21+1)                                     49 (18+1+30)

Maximum fuel cell output                          200 kW (2x100)                           200 kW (2x100)

Hydrogen tank pressure / capacity          700 bar / 38 kg                            700 bar / 25 kg (STD) or 33 kg (OPT) 

Battery type                                                  Lithium-ion polymer                    Lithium-ion polymer

Battery capacity                                           33 kWh                                         33 kWh

Top speed                                                     138 km/h                                      92 km/h

Range per charge                                        464 km (highway)                        317 km (STD); 422 km (OPT)          


Tony Kim, head of Hyundai Commercial Vehicle Africa & Middle East regional headquarters, said: “Hyundai Commercial Vehicle is developing various eco-friendly commercial vehicles, including fuel cell electric buses and battery electric buses suitable for various uses and environments. The Hyundai FCEV coaches and buses were developed in response to increased competition between manufacturers. Ever since we launched a compressed natural gas bus in 2000, our work has brought about tangible outcomes and we have consistently taken the lead in meeting global demand for environmentally friendly transport. "

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