AMCS anti collision and zoning systems manage 20 tower cranes on Yas Island construction project in Abu Dhabi


Twenty tower cranes including sixteen Potain MCT205, two MC175 and two Raimondi MRT294 models working on the Yas Island construction project in Abu Dhabi, UAE, are being managed using the DCS 60 anti collision and zoning system of AMCS technologies. 

Developed in two phases, the project comprises the Yas Arena with a capacity of 18,000 seats, and more than 50 cafés and restaurants, 20 shops, a cinema, a beach club, two hotels, and a residential project Water's Edge.

The DCS 60 operates in real time and in 3-dimensions to calculate the distances between each crane component as well as movement speed. It enables action to be taken on equipped mechanisms to ensure complete immobilization of the crane at a pre-set distance from a particular obstacle.

The system applies a security envelope around the jib in proportion to the speed of slewing of the crane as well as around the cable in proportion to the speed of movement of the trolley.

The twenty cranes can thus work without risk in order to guarantee the productivity of the site. The AMCS technologies system also provides crane operator comfort by displaying all the parameters needed to drive the machine.

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