Caterpillar clarifies engine recall reports

$2.5 million settlement will not involve total recall of engines

The recall involves 925 engines.
The recall involves 925 engines.


Caterpillar has moved to clarifty reports that it could be required to recall 590,000 engines that were allegedly missing emission controls from 2002 to 2006.

In response to PMV's story that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that had issued a full recall, Cat media representative Bridget Young stated: "With respect to the number of recalls, your statement that "Caterpillar has been fined $2.55 million and ordered to recall 590,000 engines" is not accurate because it asserts that Caterpillar was ordered to recall 590,000 engines. This statement is incorrect."

 "EPA's complaint states that Caterpillar shipped 590,000 engines separate from their aftertreatment devices and/or with incorrect fuel programming software to OEMs. In the vast majority of cases of separate shipment, the engines were matched with the correct aftertreatment devices when installed in vehicles. As EPA's complaint states, approximately 925 of those 590,000 engines were not in their certified configuration when the equipment or vehicles they powered were delivered to end users and placed into service.

"Per paragraph 9 in the consent decree, Caterpillar is not required to recall 590,000 engines, but rather is required to recall approximately 925 engines. All but a small percentage of those 925 recalled engines have already been corrected."

Since the initial report, PMV has sourced the original civil action registered with the District Court of Columbia on 28 July, 2011 that alleged that: "From February 2002 to November 2006, Defendant shipped approximately 590,282 motor vehicle and non-road engines to over 50 original equipment manufacturers that were not equipped with the After Treatment Devices and/or fuel programming software that were present on Defendant's test engines and/or specified in its certificates of conformity applications submitted to EPA. 

"Approximately 925 of the Subject Engines were not equipped with the specified After Treatment Devices and/or fuel programming software present on the representative test engine and/or specified in its certificates of conformity applications upon being incorporated into vehicles and sold to end users.

"Defendant was required to submit, within 15 days of discovering that the defect affected 25 engines of a given model year, EDIRs for the following twelve model/model year combinations of Subject Engines containing a defect which were sold to ultimate consumers: Model Year (MY) 2002 mode13126E, MY 2003 model C12, MY 2004 and 2005 model C13, MY 2004 C9, MY 2003 model C9, MY 2003 model C15, MY 2001 and 2002 model 3406E, and MY 2001, 2002 and 2003 model 3456.

"Defendant did not submit the EDIRs described in the foregoing paragraph within fifteen business days of discovering that the defects affected 25 engines of a given model year.

"Defendant sold or caused the sale thereof, approximately 56 Model Year 2003 C16 and mode13456 non-road engines without an emission information label or tag affixed to the engine. 

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