Doosan worry Europeans will be paid first in Libya

South Korean companies prepare to send back staff to country

The civil war forced an exodus of workers from the country
The civil war forced an exodus of workers from the country


Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction has suggested it may have to wait for payments in Libya because its country did not supply support to the rebel campaign.

The dramatic capture of Tripoli by rebel forces in Libya has moved the country closer to a conclusion.

The South Korean government and its industries are reportedly concerned that European support for the rebels has placed them at the front of the line for contracts when the rebuilding of the country begins, despite verbal assurances from rebel leaders that contracts will be honoured

Representatives of the government and industry met this week to discuss their strategy for a post-Gaddafi Libya.

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction won a contract to building a 3.5MW power plant in 2008 alongside contractors from France and Turkey. It has told the South Korean media that it is concerned that it will receive payments later than its French and Turkish counterparts.

Daewoo Engineering & Construction, which has the biggest presence for a South Korean company in the country, has told local media that its Tripoli branch manager Jeong Jae-hak will leave today for the Libyan capital.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction has also issued a statement to confirm that it will resume work once the political situation there stabilises by sending workers and equipment there.


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