Tesla prepares second electric car for 2012 launch

Four-door Model S to start production in California for 2012 launch

The Tesla S: due to be launched mid-2012.
The Tesla S: due to be launched mid-2012.


US electric car company Tesla has launched its first production sedan, three years after the Lotus-based Roadster put the company on the international map.

The first versions of the much-touted Model S began rolling of the Californian company’s factory floor over the weekend, with production due to ramp up in time for the international launch of the car in summer 2012. The company expects to be making 20,000 Model S cars by 2013.

Company CEO Elon Musk, the co-founder of PayPal, says the company has played a significant role in influencing the car industry. Musk said that the Roadster project had prompted large car makers, such as GM, to look at electric vehicles seriously.

Tesla is also phasing out the Roadster. The company has sold fewer than 2,000 since the car’s launch in 2008.


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