GPS could save lives on Iraq roads

Vehicle and machine tracking system addresses security concerns

Security is a major concern for operators in Iraq
Security is a major concern for operators in Iraq


Iraq company Omnnea has launched a new GPS vehicle tracking system it claims addresses security concerns in the country.

Although security has improved on Iraq's roads, they are still considered among the most dangerous in the region; Omnnea's GPS system will indentify roads and routes for drivers that are considered high risk in terms of their security. It also has both English and Arabic language vehicle tracking and navigation support. 

Intended for fleet and machinery the system also monitors usage and will send SMS alerts should it track them straying across Iraq’s borders.

Omnnea unveiled the system at this week’s Gitex and revealed that the programme has been in development since early 2010. In addition to its security measures, Omnnea claimed that it can also control fuel usage, maximise scheduling potential and monitor driver activities.

“Omnnea's GPS is designed to be used by individual users, small businesses, corporate and government agencies," said CEO Dr Faisal Fadul.

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