Dynapac launches new mid-sized CA soil compactors

Mid-size models latest launch in Dynapac's 5th generation of rollers

Dynapac's mid-sized models are the second wave of new single-drum rollers.
Dynapac's mid-sized models are the second wave of new single-drum rollers.


Dynapac has launched its latest new roller models as it refreshes its CA brand of single drum vibratory rollers.

The launch of the firm's fifth generation of rollers began with the larger CA5000, CA6000 and CA6500 models, and the company has now moved on to the mid-size range - the CA2500, CA2800, CA3500 and CA4000, plus variants.

Calling the increased serviceability of the CA models a 'minor revolution', the mid-sized CA rollers feature many of the same improvements rolled in the bigger machines, including Active Bouncing Control, which prevents damage to the machine and over-compaction, and an optimised amplitude for improved compaction.

The CA3500 and CA4000 rollers have an amplitude of 1.8 - 2 mm, allowing rockfill to be compacted in 1.25 – 1.5 metre layers. The rollers have static linear loads ranging from 25 - 45 kg/cm.

Kim Hansen, rollers product manager for Dynapac Compaction Equipment, said: "The better depth effect results in higher volume capacity and less passes to reach compaction specifications, thus saving fuel and reducing the cost per compacted cubic meter.

"Environmental impact is also lower. The Dynapac 'Silent Weights' eccentric concept is an option that enhances compaction performance even further."

The new CA rollers are available with Stage IIIA or IIIB engines, and have a 'best-point' fuel saving system, which minimises fuel consumption by ensuring that the roller does not consume more power than needed at any time.

According to Hansen, Automatic Bouncing Control prevents damage and prolongs the lifetime of the roller by eliminating drum double jump, or over-compacting – an action that can destroy components in the machine. A speed limiter is also an option, to avoid compacting at too high speed.


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