Asphalt to be recycled in Abu Dhabi in 2013

Abu Dhabi sets 2013 target for repairing roads with recycled asphalt

The cold planing method allows asphalt to be recycled.
The cold planing method allows asphalt to be recycled.


Abu Dhabi Municipality (ADM) has announced that it has set a target of 100,000m² of road rehabilitation to be performed through the cold planing recycling method in 2013. 

According to Ramin Yazdani, P.E. of the Internal Roads & Infrastructure Division, ADM: "The specification will be in the contract documents. Contractors will be allowed to propose their approach to rehabilitation."

It follows a pilot programme in the Emirate that found substantial savings, both for energy and costs, through the re-use of the milled material in rehabilitiating roads.

The cold planing method is suitable for maintenance of roads. Both the wearing course and the sub-base of the road surface is milled by a rotating head. The milled material is then mixed with an asphalt cement and re-laid over the milled road, a process that has been in use for around 30 years elsewhere.

Based on the Abu Dhabi trial, the key benefits were found to be a 70% faster construction time than building a new road, a cost reduction of 30%, and an 80% reduction in the use of virgin materials. Additional benefits included less dumped CWD material, and a reduction in the number of heavy vehicles on the road transporting materials.

Qatar has also conducted pilot trials, but is yet to specifiy it for projects. 

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