Indian contractors embrace use of tower cranes

Tower cranes more common in India on smaller job sites says Manitowoc

The Potain MCi 48 C tower crane is a new area of the Indian tower crane market for Manitowoc.
The Potain MCi 48 C tower crane is a new area of the Indian tower crane market for Manitowoc.


Contractors in India are using tower cranes on smaller job sites, where previously they had relied on other aerial options, said Raymond Tang, Manitowoc regional product manager for tower cranes.

"While the use of tower cranes on high-rise buildings is common across India, smaller buildings have generally relied on other options for material handling," said Tang.

"But that mindset is changing as awareness among contractors is growing of the improved productivity tower cranes offer."

His comments came as Manitowoc launched its new Potain MCi 48 C tower crane, built at its factory in Pune, and presented this month at the construction equipment show bC India in Mumbai.

With a maximum capacity of 2.5 tonnes, or 1t out to its maximum jib end of 36m, the new crane is targeting mid-level construction jobs,

“Our new Potain MCi 48 C is designed for multi-story buildings of between 8 and 15 stories or developments spread over wide areas," explained Tang.

"Many of these jobs still rely on manpower for material handling, but the MCi 48 C offers a solution that will dramatically accelerate construction time and improve overall efficiency on site.”

The new crane will help speed India’s development program said Tang, who anticipated that work levels in the country should make the new Potain popular.

“There is still a busy program of development scheduled for India, particularly in its second- and third-tier cities,” he said.

New segment for Potain

At present there is no Potain crane serving the target market for the MCi 48 C, said Tang, who said he expects it to be a huge success as contractors continue to work to tight deadlines.

"It is ideal for placing steel bars, light formwork and pouring concrete. In addition to its suitability on buildings of between 8 and 15 stories, the crane also suited to buildings of over 30 stories, where it can climb internally or externally."

The freestanding working height for the crane can be up to 34.7 m, though it can climb higher with its telescoping cage.

The Potain MCi 48 C is the fifth crane model available from Manitowoc's factory in Pune.

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