Floating 'stealth' villa unveiled in Abu Dhabi

IDEX offering comes laced with military gear such as missiles

The CGP-1 Stealth at IDEX (Image source: Emirates 24|7)
The CGP-1 Stealth at IDEX (Image source: Emirates 24|7)


A heavily armed and equipped “floating villa” at Abu Dhabi’s military tradeshow IDEX has garnered more attention than many of the warship and boats that surround it, reported Emirates 24|7.

The remote-controlled “CGP-1 Stealth” is made by the manufacturing company of the Abu Dhabi-based Alhallami Group, and can switch to silent electrical propellers to reduce its sensory footprint.

Developed to function as an advanced marine checkpoint, it comes equipped with state of the art desalination, sewage treatment, navigational and radar systems. It can serve as a field operation centre without support for a month, docking boats to refuel, treat the injured and aid in evacuation.

“The self-sustainability, ability to carry large amounts of fuel, food, ammunition and weapons, in addition to the stealth segmented designs makes it an ideal addition to navy, critical infrastructure protection and coast guard fleets, on shore, in the seas and coastal areas,” said a group statement.

“In addition, the body can be manufactured of military grade steel, aluminum, fiberglass or Kevlar and it has several surface to air missiles and other defence armaments according to the client needs to be able to perform complete self defence.”

The statement added that advanced checkpoints like the floating villa can be deployed to form a security barrier to block penetration by speed boats, submarines, smugglers and infiltrators.




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