Komatsu subsidiary wins Deming Prize

Komatsu Shantui takes prestigious award for total quality management

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Komatsu Shantui Construction Machinery, a manufacturing subsidiary of Komatsu Ltd, has scooped the prestigious Deming Prize.

The award, which is allocated by the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE), was established in 1951. It was created in commemoration of the late Dr William Edwards Deming; a man who contributed significantly to Japan’s statistical quality control after the Second World War.

The Deming Prize is one of the highest accolades that can be bestowed for total quality management (TQM). Komatsu Shantui, a Komatsu subsidiary that manufacturers medium-sized hydraulic excavators from its Shandong base, is only the second Chinese company to receive the award.

The prize was awarded, in part, because of the organisation’s long history of promoting TQM. Since implementing a company-wide quality control programme in 1961, Komatsu has introduced TQM to its overseas subsidiaries, and endeavours to maintain a working environment in which locally hired employees are able to identify problems and add value to the work that they do.

Komatsu contends that its company-wide, quality-first management structure has played a major role in bringing the Deming prize to Komatsu Shantui.

A JUSE media release, translated from Japanese to English, stated: “Komatsu Shantui introduced TQM and built an operational structure capable of flexibly meeting dramatic changes in the market, thereby enhancing the quality of its competitiveness. As a result, Komatsu Shantui has made outstanding achievements, including improving product quality, prompt responses to customer needs, reduced total costs, fewer labour accidents, and increased job satisfaction among employees.”

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