GOTRADE aims to put Palfinger on the UAE map

Domen Bockor explains why GOTRADE and Palfinger have joined forces

Domen Bockor
Domen Bockor


PMV: What is your relationship with Palfinger?
Domen Bockor: I am general manager for sales and marketing at GORICA Industries. Since June of last year, GOTRADE – a fully owned subsidiary of GORICA – has been the exclusive UAE distributor for Palfinger products.

PMV: How’s business?
DB: GOTRADE and Palfinger have gotten off to an excellent start in the UAE market. Palfinger is a world leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of cranes and lifting equipment. It’s like the Mercedes-Benz of the crane world. GORICA, meanwhile, is a premium-quality truck body builder. That’s why GOTRADE and Palfinger decided to join forces in the UAE. Palfinger and GORICA products complement one another both in terms of applications and quality.

PMV: What are the main applications of Palfinger cranes in the UAE?
DB: Basically, GOTRADE and Palfinger are now able to offer a complete range of lifting equipment for UAE customers. Palfinger produces a diverse range, from light- to heavy-duty cranes. What’s more, these products fit perfectly with the truck bodies manufactured by GORICA. In fields such as municipality and construction, a crane without a body – or a body without a crane – just won’t do the job.
This is why we are targeting the municipal and construction sectors. Palfinger cranes, for instance, are ideally suited to waste-management tasks. They enable municipalities to move heavy, bulk waste from the ground to the truck. From used appliances to trees, whatever municipalities need to transfer, we can help.

PMV: Have these target markets been receptive?
DB: Absolutely. Previously, Palfinger was not really on the UAE map. However, this situation is changing rapidly. GOTRADE’s sales figures are extremely good. I can’t mention any names, but we have already secured two important municipality contracts in the UAE. We have also entered into agreements with four of the top-10 construction contractors. We are extremely happy with the way things are going.

PMV: Have you received positive feedback?
DB: So far, the feedback that we have received has been very good. We’ve had no complaints. Essentially, our approach has been to provide combinations of products tailored to the specific needs of our customers. As I have said, Palfinger cranes and GORICA truck bodies offer a huge number of applications. We continuously communicate with customers to gauge their needs, and our product portfolio is sufficiently diverse to cater to the entire market.

PMV: What are GOTRADE’s priorities – in terms of Palfinger – for the coming year?
DB: GOTRADE and GORICA truly believe in the quality of the Palfinger products that we are offering. As such, it’s our goal to put Palfinger fully on the UAE map; to establish the brand as the country’s market leader, just as it is in many other territories around the world. That’s our vision.

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