Growth tactics: onsite crushing in the GCC

MB's Zakaria Jbairi says crusher buckets are gaining ground in the GCC

Zakaria Jbairi is area manager for the Middle East region at crusher bucket manufacturer, MB.
Zakaria Jbairi is area manager for the Middle East region at crusher bucket manufacturer, MB.


PMV: What is your role at MB?
Zakaria Jbairi: As area manager at MB, it’s my responsibility to develop and maintain strong working relationships with dealers across the Middle East. My job also involves seeking out business opportunities in the region.

PMV: How's business?
ZJ: Things are going well. During recent years, our priority has been to create a dealer network that is able to cover the Middle East. This represents the first phase of our regional strategy, and it’s almost complete. We are now beginning to focus on the second phase, working side-by-side with our partners to spread the word about our products. MB crusher buckets represent a relatively young technology in this region, so it’s vital that we communicate the benefits that they offer effectively.

PMV: So why are crusher buckets advantageous?
ZJ: They’re advantageous because they allow end users to crush materials on site. MB units are very versatile; they can be used for earthmoving, construction, pipe-laying, and recycling applications. Right now, the demolition sector isn’t particularly mature in the Middle East, but we see this as another important market for the future.

PMV: In which countries are MB crusher buckets in highest demand?
ZJ: As I said, our products are extremely flexible; they can be used for applications across a diverse range of sectors. As crusher buckets are used in conjunction with excavators, sales of MB products tend to follow a territory’s excavator sales. The majority of GCC demand, therefore, tends to come from Saudi Arabia.

PMV: You said the first phase of MB’s strategy was “almost” complete? What’s left to do?
ZJ: MB has almost all of the Middle East covered in terms of distributors. We’ve secured an excellent selection of partners across the region. We still have a few loose ends to tie up. For example, we are currently in the process of selecting an additional partner in Oman, as our existing network isn’t quite able to cover the entire country.

We're already in touch with several potential partners; we’re just narrowing down the pool of candidates in order to find the ideal dealer. This selection process is important, because MB crusher buckets aren’t really what you’d refer to as ‘showroom’ products. We need to partner with dealers that are able to communicate to contractors the extent to which our products can improve their profit margins.

PMV: What’s the next phase of MB’s regional strategy?
ZJ: For now, MB will continue to work with its regional partners to ensure that it develops its presence across the Middle East. We want to transform the crusher bucket into a tool that is common across the Gulf, just as it is in Europe and other regions. Once this phase is complete, the third step might be for MB to establish a physical presence in the region. As MB continues to grow, a Middle East office might become necessary.

Zakaria Jbairi is area manager for the Middle East region at crusher bucket manufacturer, MB.

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