3M Gulf unveils self-healing paint protection film

The launch of 3M’s latest Scotchgard paint protection system, which took place in Dubai, was attended by record-breaking driver, Rainer Zietlow


3M Gulf has unveiled a self-healing paint protection film for the Middle East market.

The 3M Scotchgard paint protection system has the capacity to self-repair minor scratches.

The system’s self-healing feature is catalysed by high temperatures, making it ideal for use in the Middle East, according to 3M.

“Paint protection is the best way to preserve the quality of a vehicle’s paintwork,” explained Tarik Abd-Rabu, senior marketing specialist at 3M Gulf.

“Our new film has unrivalled scratch and stain resistance. It’s also exceptionally resistant against yellowing. It’s solid, durable, maintenance free, and its self-healing technology makes most scratches disappear,” he added.

The launch of the product, which took place at the 3M Innovation Centre in Dubai, UAE, was attended by professional driver, Rainer Zietlow. The German Volkswagen enthusiast used 3M’s current paint protection film during his recent record-breaking expedition from Norway to South Africa, and was impressed with the product’s durability.

“My Volkswagen Touareg’s bonnet was half covered with 3M’s paint protection system,” Zietlow explained.

“The left side of the bonnet was uncovered but the right side was protected. By the time we arrived in South Africa, the difference between the two halves was impressive,” he said.

In addition to individual motorists, 3M is confident that its revamped paint protection system will appeal to the region’s largest fleet owners, helping them to preserve the aesthetics of their vehicles and maximise residual value.

The film will be available in the Middle East from January 2015. For coverage of Zietlow’s record-breaking, transcontinental journey, check out the December 2014 issue of PMV Middle East.

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