Bobcat delivers 'Sand Cleaner' for tracked loaders

US-based Doosan subsidiary Bobcat launches the SC200 tool for sifting and cleaning sand and soil

A Bobcat T770 compact tracked loader with the SC200 Sand Cleaner attachment.
A Bobcat T770 compact tracked loader with the SC200 Sand Cleaner attachment.


The US-based Bobcat has launched the SC200 Sand Cleaner attachment for use with both standard and high flow versions of the T590, T650, T770 and T870 CTL compact tracked loader (CTL) models.

With a working width of 1,900mm, a working depth of up to 200 mm and a bucket capacity of 350l, the Bobcat Sand Cleaner is designed to quickly sift through wet or dry sand and soil for small debris.

It is therefore ideal for use on beaches, for the facility management of sand-based sports fields or horse racing tracks, and for the clean-up of project sites in the desert after work has been completed.

The SC200 has proved itself capable of cleaning surfaces at a rate of up to 15000 m²/h, and its productivity is further facilitated by a hydraulic hopper gate allowing debris to be swiftly discharged.

The tool adds to a range of over 70 different attachment families available to Bobcat machines, and, for example, complements the existing Bobcat Root Grapple designed to pick up larger material.

The controllability is ensured by a combination of hydraulic depth control; the hydraulic bucket discharge; ACD control; interchangeable grids (4 sizes); a back blade for a nice finish; a diverter valve/drain line and an auto-lubricating bearing seal for a maintenance-free design.

All Bobcat compact loaders are also equipped with the quick-change Bob-Tach attachment mounting system, allowing them to be combined quickly and safely with several hundred Bobcat attachments.

Since trapped line pressure can make attachment changes anything but quick, Bobcat loaders also come with a feature to release trapped pressure: by simply pushing the coupler inward, the hydraulic oil is released through a return line back into the machine.

The optional Power Bob-Tach system allows operators to change non-hydraulic attachments without even leaving the cab, activated by a switch that raises and lowers the Bob-Tach levers hydraulically.

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