Video: JCB releases Hydradig teaser trailer

Check out this video of JCB’s futuristic new Hydradig wheeled excavator, which will receive its official launch at bauma 2016


JCB has revealed a teaser trailer for its brand new Hydradig wheeled excavator, ahead of the machine’s official launch at bauma 2016.

The video focuses on the model’s four core design principles: visibility, stability, mobility, and manoeuvrability.

Owing to its low centre of gravity and 2.6m wheelbase, the JCB Hydradig boasts a capacity of 1,000kg at maximum reach.

Due to its compact size and reduced tail swing, the excavator can turn and work within the confines of a single carriageway.

The machine’s engine and tanks have been relocated to the chassis, meaning that operators will have unobstructed views of all four wheels.

The Hydradig features three steer modes: 2WS, 4WS, and ‘crab steer’. The unit boasts a turning circle of just 4m.

The excavator will be powered by an 81kW JCB Ecomax engine, will feature a hydrostatic transmission system, and will offer a towing capacity of 3.5 tonnes.

In addition to its onsite capabilities, the Hydradig has a top on-higway speed of 40km/h.

JCB has released the following teaser trailer ahead of Hydradig’s official bauma 2016 launch… 


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