Atlas Copco deploys hydraulic wrenches in Saudi

A team from Atlas Copco has completed a service project in KSA using Tentec bolt-tensioning tools

Tentec hydraulic bolt-tensioning equipment at work.
Tentec hydraulic bolt-tensioning equipment at work.


A team from Atlas Copco Energy Group has successfully completed its first major service project in Saudi Arabia using the Tentec range of hydraulic bolt-tensioning equipment.

The group was set up in 2015 in partnership with local sponsor Sendan International, to distribute the Tentec range and offer both rental and on-site services.

Tentec are one of the few tensioning companies in the world who can provide specially designed bolt-tensioning solutions that use hydraulic pressure to tighten fixtures beyond manual capabilities.

Atlas Copco’s contract involved the opening and tightening of the inlet and outlet flanges of critical reactors at a major refinery project, while in the second, engineers were responsible for the loosening and tightening of bolted joints of heat exchangers, pressure vessels and piping joints.

This was a major project for the newly formed team and involved meticulous resource planning and allocation, organised and led by Manoj Kumar, who heads up the Energy team in Saudi Arabia.

Given the project size, extra equipment was shipped from the Tentec manufacturing base in the UK.

Atlas Copco Energy also boosted the number of technicians on site by locally recruiting and training them to ensure that the correct skills were employed to use the Tentec bolt tightening equipment.

Both contracts ran concurrently over a period of six weeks, with crews required on site both day and night. The project was finished on time and in budget and the refinery enjoyed a leak-free start-up.

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