Silent electric asphalt mixer 'as quiet as a TV'

Wirtgen brand Benninghoven delivers an asphalt mixer that makes as little noise as a TV set

The Benninghoven GKL Silent range of asphalt mixers can be installed on an HGV or any flatbed trailer platform.
The Benninghoven GKL Silent range of asphalt mixers can be installed on an HGV or any flatbed trailer platform.


Benninghoven has made what it describes as ‘a quantum leap in mastic asphalt technology’ with the launch of the GKL Silent — an asphalt mixer with no hydraulic components and thus a drastically reduced acoustic profile, allowing it to work at night and in sensitive areas.

The omission of hydraulic components is complemented by the use of an extremely quiet power generator, which supplies the drive with electricity to direct and continuously drive the agitator. With an acoustic pressure of 60dB at 7m, the noise emission is the same as from a TV at moderate volume.

And the GKL Silent is not only quiet: accessories, like a heated discharge door, central lubrication and an electric fill opening, make this mastic asphalt mixer a benchmark in value addition for end users.

Another milestone is the robust and fully computer-controlled operation of the GKL via touchscreen. Work data is also saved and can be accessed from the Webfleet Portal for subsequent reviewing.

The GKL Silent is available in a 3.3m³ to 10m³ range and can be installed on HGVs or any trailer beds.

Benninghoven stated: “In the future, it will no longer be permitted to transport mastic asphalt with conventional mastic asphalt mixers inside towns and on night-time construction sites. The challenge was to build a mastic asphalt mixer with a diesel unit that does not keep on rattling.

“This requirement can only be met with an electric drive, and several innovative mastic asphalt companies have already attempted this by modifying a mastic asphalt mixer with a vertical agitator by adding a power generator and an electric motor to drive the chain.”

As a whole, mastic asphalt technology has remained unchanged for years, but the GKL Silent from Benninghoven, now part of the Wirtgen Group, has changed all that.

All in all, the GKL Silent meets not only present but future certification requirements for transport.

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