Liebherr owns 80% tower crane market in Qatar

Liebherr enjoys the greatest market share for cranes in the Middle East, with about 700 in the market, most of them in operation.

Jens Kotzurek, Liebherr sales director Tower Crane Division
Jens Kotzurek, Liebherr sales director Tower Crane Division


Liebherr enjoys the greatest market share for cranes in the Middle East, with around 700 in the market, most of them in operation.

Catching up with Jens Kotzurek sales director, Tower Crane division Liebherr, Middle East, at the recent bauma construction equipment show, he revealed that the OEM in fact enjoys a substantial market share when it comes to tower cranes.

“In Qatar we have between 70 and 80% market share, but it is difficult to say for certain, as Qatar is still a young market that has been booming for the past five to seven years, having started from scratch.

"Whereas Dubai had the boom before in early 2000s, with new and second hand machines coming into the country from all over the world, so it’s a question of how to count the market population and the market share.

“The GCC market is combined, so we are talking about the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, from the point of population and movement of machines throughout the area,” he elaborates.

“We estimate that there is a tower crane population of about 700 machines in the market, most of them in operation.

"The majority of the machines being top slewing cranes (some 90%), followed by luffing jib cranes and self-erectors plus currently one unit Mobile Construction Crane MK.

“The Liebherr share of the whole population exceeds 50% easily, and the market share over the last years was clearly dominated by Liebherr.

"So you can say that younger machines and most machines above 200mt are Liebherr cranes,” he adds.

With the focus moving to bigger machines as the metro and stadia slowly take shape, Kotzurek explains how the change in focus is creating a different demand.

“The average in the region is about 12 tonnes, but for the metro projects and certainly also for the upcoming stadium projects with lots of pre-cast elements and heavy steel beams, the sites will need up to 40-tonne or 50-tonne cranes.

"Then we talk about machines in the 500 mt class and upwards, such as 550 EC-H 40 Litronic or 1000 EC-H 50 Litronic.

"For the heavy steel structure of the National Museum, United Equipment rented their two units 1088 HC 40 cranes, High Top cranes with 80 m jib and 11 to at the tip, 40 tons max.”

He believes that the OEM has at least two advantages over any competition: 

“We think long-term as a family-owned company, and this is why we offer machines that have a very high life-expectancy.

"Our goal is to provide customers with machines that are a true investment, that show a good and safe performance on site and come with very high availability. '

"The total cost of ownership is among the lowest if not the lowest in the market, or to put it the other way round, the return on investment is the best, when considering the operational costs and the resale values of our cranes in the world.

“There is no other manufacturer who has the depth of production as Liebherr; we produce all our main components such as slewing rings, switchgear boxes, drive units with motors, gears and winches, to mention a few, in-house at our sister company in Germany.

"This guarantees us a high performance and safety level as well as a minimum wear-and-tear in operation, and a good after-sales performance even after 10 or 20 years.”

Presently in Qatar, Liebherr tower cranes are hired through “a single unique partner, United Equipment.”

The partnership has been in place for a number of years he explains and he adds, “and is a very successful one!”

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