Wolffkran launches the 6020 clear: a versatile flat-top crane

The Wolff 6020 clear replaces the 6015 clear introduced in 2008, delivering increased tip load capacity and a range of flexible, customisable options for the customer

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Wolffkran has launched the Wolff 6020 clear as the latest model in its line of its flat-top cranes and to replace the 6020 clear – by delivering increased tip load capacity and a wider range of flexible, customisable options for the customer.

The flat-top saddle jib crane will be available in two main version: the 6-tonne Wolff 6020.6 clear and the 8-tonne WOLFF 6020.8 clear – each with three different tower connections and both available to customers from September 2017.

“Compared to its predecessor, the 6-tonne version can lift 2.0 tonnes instead of 1.5 tonnes at the tip at a 60-meter jib radius, while the tip load capacity of the 8-tonne version was increased from 1.5 tonnes to 1.8 tonnes,” explained Gerd Tiedtke, product manager at Wolffkran.

The Wolff 6020.6 clear then deploys a 28kW hoist winch that allows for fast working times, with partial load speeds of up to 108 m/min, while the 6020.8 equips a tried-and-tested 45kW hoist winch.

The three different types of tower connections, meanwhile, are the narrow UV 15 tower system (with external dimensions of 1.5m × 1.5m), as well as to the wider towers TFS 20 and UV 20 (both 2.0m × 2.0m).

The jib has also been remodelled, and the connection of the lower belt of the jib redesigned to optimise the transfer of forces – allowing for the use of smaller, more practical bolts that make the assembly easier.

Tiedtke continued: “Inspired by customer feedback, we have fitted the counter jib with transport aids in the form a special support structure to securely hold up to three jib sections on the counter jib during transport.”

Furthermore, the counter jib has been fitted with new railings that are suitable for attaching safety harnesses thus improving the safety for technicians working on the counter jib.

The Wolff 6020 clear also features the support beams that were introduced on clear models several years ago – both for the positioning of bracing rods and to help facilitate assembly of the counter jib.

The counterweights are meanwhile no longer included as standard – enabling customers to use counterweights from existing Wolff fleet, or buy them separately – lending the model a decisive economic advantage.

According to Wolffkran, the 6020 offers the highest degree of flexibility and safety in the 140-Metertonne range, but claims aside, the crane in both its versions and countless iterations delivers undoubtable versatility.

For more information on Wolffkran and its cranes, see: Lone Wolff: Habib Mikati on Wolffkran in the GCC

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