Eco-friendly lubricant firm Zaeto launches in Dubai

Zaeto MEA manufactures green-standard lubricants for the heavy industry

Nicholas Brooks.
Nicholas Brooks.


Zaeto MEA, a manufacturer of green-standard lubricants for the heavy industry, has launched in Dubai.

Currently, many of the region’s heavy industry companies involved in areas such as manufacturing and marine transport use lubrication and grease products that contain environmentally damaging materials that can lead to pollution of the natural ecology.

Inspired by UAE Vision 2021, Zaeto has developed and tested a new range of environmentally-friendly industrial products, specifically designed for the harsh climate and temperatures of the Middle East, which will minimise the impact on the ecosystem. 

The firm’s CEO Nicholas Brooks said: “A myth in the heavy industry is that green technology is expensive. Actually, it can be far more cost effective. We offer products that are better for the environment and use advanced technology to help reduce costs for our customers,” he added. 

Zaeto’s lubricants use calcium sulfonate, a natural substance that has been used in lubrication for several centuries.

The products also do not contain any heavy metals or toxins – an industry first for the region.

Zaeto MEA’s products can you be used in industries such as oil and gas; mining and excavation; road maintenance; marine; agriculture; and military.

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