Dennis Daniel

What lies ahead for UD Trucks?
Feb 09, 2020
A strong Japanese heritage combined with Volvo's technology and global distribution, and year-over-year growth in the Middle East and Asia makes UD Trucks a worthy inclusion to any automotive alliance.
Safety and sustainability drive product development at Snorkel
Feb 06, 2020
In 2019, Snorkel started manufacturing its lithium-ion battery powered Speed Level models, the SL26RTE and SL30RTE, in the UK.
Mercedes-Benz introduces SAE Level 2 partially automated driving in the UAE with the New Actros
Feb 06, 2020
The Actros 5th generation features Active Drive Assist, the world’s first assistance system for semi-automated driving on a series produced truck.
Big buckets for tough working conditions: Komatsu launches the PC210-10M0 and the PC500LC-10R hydraulic excavators in the Middle East
Jan 08, 2020
Both the excavators are designed to operate in severe heat, sand and dust conditions and provide higher bucket capacity and fuel economy compared to previous models.