Efficiency confirmed in TÜV test drive: New MAN Truck Generation saves 8.2% fuel


In February, MAN presented its new truck generation to the public.

In addition to the focus on the driver with a new operating concept, fuel efficiency was a top priority in development.

New concepts in the drivetrain, aerodynamics and the MAN EfficientCruise efficiency assistant make the new MAN Truck Generation even more economical by up to 8.2 % compared to the previous generation of vehicles.

TÜV Süd has now confirmed the savings potential in a test drive.

After a total of 684 kilometres, the result was the new MAN TGX 18.470 Euro 6d required an average of 8.2% less fuel on the 342km of motorway and country road test distance driven twice in succession compared with the MAN TGX 18.460, the previous version with Euro-6c-engine-generation.

To actually compare the pure vehicle performance, the test vehicles exchanged trailer and driver between the two tours.

The profile of the normal motorway course matched 90 % of the distances travelled in European long-distance traffic.

“Low overall vehicle costs are decisive for the success of our customers,” said Dr Frederik Zohm, executive board member for research and development at MAN Truck & Bus.

“We have consistently developed the new MAN Truck Generation with a view to maximum efficiency and economy - and we have fully achieved our goals.

“We are very pleased that this was also confirmed in a test conducted by an independent testing organization. A big thank you to our entire team - great achievement.”

The basis for the further improvement in efficiency compared with the previous generation is the numerous technical
innovations and concept improvements with which the new MAN Truck Generation is being introduced.

In terms of the driveline, this includes not only the particularly economical Euro- 6d-engine-generation but also the new efficiency-optimised hypoid axle drive with a particularly long axle ratio of 2.31.

Especially for use in fuel-sensitive long-haul transport, together with the MAN TipMatic transmission it complements the D26 Euro 6d engine with its single-stage turbocharging, reduced exhaust gas recirculation and increased thermodynamic efficiency for greater efficiency even at higher engine speeds to create a particularly fuel-efficient driveline.

Göran Nyberg, board member for sales and marketing, said: “With the new truck generation we are fulfilling our brand promise of ‘Simplifying Business’ in the best possible way.

“We focus on the driver as well as the fleet operator, both of whom benefit from the many innovations.”

With matched drive configuration, the GPS cruise control MAN EfficientCruise also unfolds its potential, offering even more extensive functions with the new MAN Truck Generation.

This includes “dynamic sailing”, which keeps the engine in the fuel-efficient load range in flat terrain by constantly alternating between accelerating and rolling the vehicle, thus saving fuel.

MAN has also optimised the ACC distance control system to make the best possible use of rolling phases.

The system keeps a greater distance from the vehicle in front before a hilltop so that it can roll unhindered for as long as possible on the subsequent gradient.

The new MAN EfficientCruise also takes greater account than before of route-related traffic infrastructure such as roundabouts and fixed speed limits in order to reduce power output early on and thus make driving even more efficient.

In addition to the drivetrain and MAN EfficientCruise, aerodynamics play an important role in reducing fuel consumption in the new MAN Truck Generation.

For example, slimmer exterior mirrors ensure a reduced frontal area and air deflectors on the front flap improve air flow to the radiator and engine compartment.

The extension of these wind deflectors over the doors calm the lateral flow and at the same time reduce the pollution in this area.

The so-called air curtain at the corners of the bumper optimises the flow around and through the entrance area.

New roof spoilers and sideflaps ideally complete the conduction of the air flow from truck to trailer.

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