Caterpillar launches CW16 pneumatic rubber-tyre roller

Designed for use on granular materials and all types of asphalt-mix designs, the machine is available as a standard nine-wheel model or as an optional 11-wheel model

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The Cat CW16 pneumatic, rubber-tyre roller is designed for use on granular materials and all types of asphalt-mix designs. The machine is available as a standard nine-wheel model with a 69-inch compaction width or as an optional 11-wheel model with an 84-inch compaction width. 

Depending on ballast used, including water, sand, steel, or combinations, the operating weight of the CW16 varies from a 5,200 kg base configuration to an approximate maximum weight of 15,000 kg for the nine-wheel configuration and 14,900 kg for the 11-wheel configuration. Operating weight can be adjusted to suit job requirements. The per-wheel weight can be varied from 580 kg to 1,670 kg for the nine-wheel model and from 480 kg to 1,350 kg for the 11-wheel model.

Oscillating front wheels assist in compacting soft voids across the entire machine width, and the 11-wheel configuration increases efficiency in chip-and-seal applications. A tire overlap of 1.25-inches (32 mm) ensures even compaction across the surface. Each wheel is equipped with self-adjusting scrapers, and a water-spray system deters material from adhering to the wheel surface. Standard cocoa mats help retain water to keep wheels wet, and heat-retention aprons are available.

The CW16's pressurized water-spray system is designed with dedicated spray nozzles for each wheel. The system includes a single water pump, triple filtration, and adjustable intermittent operation. Triple filtration (with filters at the fill point), in conjunction with the design of the water pump and spray nozzles, provides protection against clogs. The adjustable intermittent-spray mode conserves water and reduces the number of refills required.

Two engines are available for the CW16 to meet regional emissions requirements. The Cat C3.4B ACERT engine meets US EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage IV standards, and the Cat C4.4 meets the equivalent of US EPA Tier 3/EU Stage IIIA/China NR III standards. Both engines are rated at 101.9 horsepower (75 kW).

The CW16's two-speed hydrostatic propel system is electronically controlled and designed to provide both jobsite maneuverability and speeds up to 19 km/hr. The propel system automatically shifts between speed ranges and has a coast feature that conserves fuel. Tyre choices include a 12-ply 7.5 x 15 radial or a 14-ply 7.5 x 15 bias-ply.

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