Fujairah National Construction completes 10,000 hours of onsite use of Bobcat T40180 telehandler

FNC has been using the T40180 for two shifts a day since 2015 after procuring the machine from Dubai-based Kanoo Machinery

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Fujairah National Construction Co. L.L.C (FNC) has completed 10,000 hours of on-site use of its Bobcat T40180 18m telehandler. FNC has been using the T40180 since 2015 after procuring the machine from Dubai-based Kanoo Machinery. The T40180 has been working two shifts a day throughout this period and has been used on three major contracts including two new 18 storey buildings. 

The T40180 18m telehandler at FNC is the largest model in the Bobcat range of rigid frame telehandlers. The T40180 model provides a maximum lifting height of 16.2m when operated on tyres alone. It has a maximum lift capacity of 4 tonne and a maximum lift height of 17.52 m.  The lift capacity at maximum lift height is 2.5 tonne, while at maximum reach (13.7 m), the lift capacity is 560 kg. Unloaded, the T40180 weighs 10.79 tonne and provides a crowding force of 12300 daN. The patented Bobcat side shift system is a standard feature on the T40180 model, ensuring there is no need to reposition the machine if it is not aligned with an opening, providing maximum flexibility with a +/- 700 mm side shift.

FNC has used the T40180 mainly with pallet fork and bucket attachments but the company also equips the telehandler with a man platform for periphery works on buildings.

Farhan Mahmood Rizvi, engineered equipment and plant manager, FNC, said: “We have used the Bobcat T40180 telehandler for a wide variety of applications from lifting rebar from trucks for foundation work to moving heavy materials such as the components for the steel work for buildings. The safe lifting offered by the T40180 when it is used both with the wheels alone or with its stabilizers deployed has been an important aspect for us. The stabilizers also ensure that the full capabilities of the telehandler can be utilised in the most confined working areas and close to walls.”

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