Ditch Witch launches its largest trencher

The HT275 is built for a wide range of trenching jobs including water, sewer, gas, power and underdrain installations, and pipeline distribution

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Ditch Witch, a Charles Machine Works Company, has introduced its largest trencher to date, the HT275, for a wide range of trenching jobs, including water, sewer, gas, power and underdrain installations, and pipeline distribution.

Powered by a Cummins 205-kW T4 engine, the HT275 offers the best performance for installations up to 10-ft deep and 26-in wide. A hydrostatic trencher-chain drive with an infinitely variable displacement motor allows operators to match chain speeds to soil conditions. 

The HT275 offers four hydraulic quick-disconnect blocks that reduce the time it takes to change attachments from days to hours. The design allows operators to change rear attachments in the field without the use of heavy lifting equipment. The HT275 is under 102 inches wide, allowing the machine to be hauled on a standard-load trailer without special permitting. The machine’s patent-pending suspension mounts to the center of each track frame. This design provides the ability to 'float' each track independently, enhancing performance on uneven terrain while taking stress off the main frame.

Equipped with a power sliding cab, the HT275 maximizes operator visibility to the stabilizers, cross conveyor, trench cleaner and cutting chain. The unit is designed with two scratch-resistant cameras, improving vision on the far side of the machine for operational assistance and in the front while moving and loading the machine for transport.

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