SAF-Holland expands application of its Recolube lubricant pump to adjustable fifth wheels

The fifth wheels of commercial vehicles equipped with Recolube are lubricated automatically

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SAF-Holland's Recolube lubricant pump, a system for automatic grease distribution on the fifth wheel top plate, has been optimised for use in adjustable fifth wheels.

The permanently installed Recolube system supplies fifth wheels with grease independently: The pump uses the integrated lubricant distributor to dispense the measured quantity of the Recolube Power SKX 372 lubricant, providing optimum care for the fifth wheel. Five independently working pump elements use high pressure to deliver the grease to the top plate, where lubrication grooves distribute it evenly. This provides permanent lubrication for the lock and four other points on the top plate.

Recolube is connected to the central on-board computer of the tractor unit with a standard interface. A precisely adapted lubrication plan is stored there, which the system uses to provide regular lubrication of the top plate – about every 90 minutes in regular driving operation. The fill level of the lubricant is visible in the transparent supply tank at a glance. When the grease reservoir is used up, the Recolube system electronically shows an 'empty' notification on the cockpit display. The installed standard lubricating nipple makes refilling of the depot quick and easy: A standard commercial grease press transports the special grease into the tank until the maximum fill level is reached. After this, the system is ready for use again imme-diately. The tank can hold the lubricant supply for about one year or approx. 100,000 kilometres driven. The high pump capacity enables Recolube to function reliably at temperatures between -25 °C and 80 °C.

In addition to the new area of application together with the adjustable fifth wheel SK-S 36.20H, Recolube is suitable for fifth wheels in the 20-ton category SK-S 36.20.

According to SAF-Holland, the automated lubrication process makes maintenance and operation more convenient, lowers operating costs and protects the environment.

Alan Feltham, director-engineering FW, KP & Coupler, SAF-Holland, said: “For fleet operators, the use of our lubricant pump pays off quickly. The automation replaces manual lubrication while also dosing the grease sparingly and precisely, allowing commercial vehicles to be run more economically in the long term.” 

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