Al-Bahar offers upgraded Cat compaction machines

The Cat CB10 is a new 10 metric ton size class asphalt compactor equipped with 1.7mt drum width

Cat CB10 asphalt compactor.
Cat CB10 asphalt compactor.


Al-Bahar has announced major feature updates in Cat's new range of tandem vibratory rollers, such as easier service access and simplified operations with enhancements in operator station. New options available on some models include oscillatory vibration system, hardened drum shell, and additional lighting options. Feature additions to the new utility compactors include structure updates, engine updates, and a robust 3-points hitch. 

Some of the most common compactors offered by Al-Bahar are the CS533E vibratory soil compactors, CB10 tandem vibratory rollers, CB2.5 utility compactors and CW34 pneumatic rollers.

The Cat CB10 is a new 10 metric ton size class asphalt compactor equipped with 1.7mt drum width. It can be equipped with a combination of oscillatory and vibratory drums. The CB10 model with vibration and oscillation offers a wide range of applications from large expressway projects to smaller, yet critical, urban-type work. Other features include a vibratory system selection and durable pod-style vibration system, visibility, comfort and convenience of the operator station, different options of Cat compaction control systems, water spray system and smooth operation powertrain.

The optional oscillatory vibration system of the Cat CB10 provides delicate messaging motion for compaction results on thinner lifts. The front drum utilizes vertical vibration that delivers the amplitudes and frequency options for thicker lifts and tough mix designs, while the oscillation system on the rear drum performs effectively on thin lifts and near sensitive structures such as buildings, bridge decks, and over underground utilities like fiber optics, electric, water, and gas lines. The eco-mode feature of the CB10 reduces sound levels and fuel consumption, and the water spray system provides higher uptime.

Ali Abu Hirra, segment manager, paving & material handling, Al-Bahar, said: “Our customers choose us over competition, due to the proven durability and superior performance of Cat compactors. Additionally, choosing Cat Compactors guarantees outstanding support offered by Al-Bahar. Our customers who use Cat compactors are satisfied with the reliability and performance of those machines.”

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