Soilmec expands drilling options with new size and power variants

To enable operation in in narrow places, drilling inside buildings and perform tunnelling applications, Soilmec has improved one of its top microdrilling rigs with an electric engine version to develop the SM-5E

 Soilmec SM-22 microdrilling rig displayed at Bauma China 2018.
Soilmec SM-22 microdrilling rig displayed at Bauma China 2018.


Soilmec’s SM-22 microdrilling rig, an evolution of its PSM-1350 and SM-20 models, has been completely redesigned to provide higher efficiency and productivity. The SM-22 can be configured in different single rotary fittings, double rotary, top-hammer and vibro-rotary to carry out consolidation, micropiles and anchors with different drilling technologies, direct circulation, reverse circulation, DTH, CFA, and jet grouting. The rig is powered by a diesel unit for markets with Tier3 and Tier4 emission standards.

To meet the need for increased diaphragm wall depth in the most challenging soil conditions, Soilmec has designed the hose drums design (HDD) hydromill configuration. Hydraulic and mud winders are positioned on a base carrier, allowing high depth drilling performances.

The hydromill SC-135 Tiger enables the construction of diaphragm walls in a variety of soil conditions with a wide range of working radius and module rotations.

One of the notable features of the SC-135 Tiger is a patented hydraulic system dedicated for cutting module and base machines with the filters installed directly on the main lines to avoid any possible breakdown due to bentonite contamination. The hydraulic swivel for +/-90° module rotation, the high power new Cat C27 Diesel engine and different winders design solutions are suitable for job sites up to 150 m depth, and guarantees the highest performances in various conditions. The high depth vertical sensor, the independent mobile and the DMS on board complete with the 3D graphic print out panel options provide enhanced verticality control. The SC-135 HD Tiger also comprises a new safe anti-falling system, handrails and ladders, lashing points, remote control boards and reduced speed mode in order to carry out the main assembly/disassembly operations and maintenance procedures in safe conditions. Furthermore, the equipment has been designed for a modular assembly, with a maximum transportation weight of 45t.

Soilmec SC-135.

Soilmec launched the SR65 Evo medium-size rig in 2018, providing a compact structure, heavily reworked geometry that features smart transport configuration, and a new range of rotary head and updated electronic system for large diameter pile (LDP) segmental casing and very deep CFA piles. The SR-65 EVO can be transported with the kelly mounted on the machine, with a total weight under 65t and height under 3.5m. The modular mast engineered for the unit allows to set the machine in the LHR configuration by removing the upper element thus reducing the overall height to 8.5m.

Soilmec SR-65 medium-size rig.

To enable operation in in narrow places, drilling inside buildings and perform tunnelling applications, Soilmec has improved one of its top microdrilling rigs with an electric engine version to develop the SM-5E, a 5t class machine measuring 2.2 m long and 1.6 m wide. Four ground stabilizers completed with blocking valve in order to avoid the outflow of hydraulic oil during a break down ensures safe working in the tough soil conditions. The machine body is made with profiles and welded steel sheets and the entire body is protected by guards, grids and doors, especially near hot surfaces and moving parts.

Soilmec SM-5E electric microdrilling rig.

Powered by an ABB electric engine (four poles, 50Hz, 380/660V), the SM-5E offers a maximum rated power of 75 kW reducing the exhausted gas emissions. A kinematic mechanism, composed of two slew rings, allows a large range of slewing and mast positioning possibilities. One is located on the lower frame to allow drilling over the side of the crawler. It offers rotation of +/-90 degrees with respect to the rig’s longitudinal axis. The second is located on the back of the mast and secures +/-180 degrees rotation for radial drilling. In order to increase the versatility of the drilling unit, SM5 is equipped with telescopic boom of 600mm and sliding mast.

The 1400 mm standard mast stroke can be increased with four different mast lengths using special extension of 500 mm, 1000 mm or 2400 mm, allowing the rig to be used in low headroom spaces with flexibility.

The drilling performance is provided with a range of rotary heads, available from 690-970daNm torque and 98-860rpm drilling speed. In addition, a hoist force of 51kN ensures the rig offers high performance and greater drilling depths. The rig can be equipped with a hydraulic clamp and breaker of 50-220mm diameter, with a maximum clamping force of 140kN and a top breaking torque of 3,000daNm.

For operator comfort and safety the SM-5E can be radio-controlled, which reduces costs and time during operation, in either the drilling or in kinematic mechanism phase. The rig offers numerous safety features as well as easy access for maintenance, and is available in diesel and electric models. Due to these features the rig serves as a multipurpose machine that suits a wide range of civil engineering requirements from micro piling to tunnelling.

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