Raimondi to showcase the 10-tonne LRH174 hydraulic luffing crane at bauma 2019

The manufacturer will also unveil a new luffing jib and flat-top tower crane at the expo

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Raimondi Cranes will showcase three cranes at bauma 2019. Raimondi’s first-ever luffing hydraulic LRH174 launched in 2018, will be positioned alongside the company’s two newest models across its luffing and flattop product ranges. The LRH174, a 10 tonne hydraulic luffer, has a tip load of 2,225 kg in the ultra-lift mode with two falls. The crane can also be utilized in one fall, which allows for a maximum capacity of 5 tonnes and a tip load of 2,476 kg.

Raimondi will also unveil its two newest products at Bauma 2019, a luffing jib crane and a flat-top tower crane.

Mauro Masetti, chief commercial officer, Raimondi Cranes, said: “While there are several LRH174s currently at work in both England and in Australia, we haven’t yet had the opportunity to properly acquaint our global customers with Raimondi’s premier hydraulic luffer. A traditional luffer requires minimum double the radius of the LRH174’s 10 meter out of service radius, one of the crane’s most attractive features.We felt that showing this product, with its reduced out of service radius of only 10 meters, was the ideal complement to our two newest products in the lineup never before shown to the public.”

Domenico Ciano, chief operations officer, said: "The LRH174 boasts much easier installation - similar to that of flattop tower cranes - due to the lack of A-frame and tie rods used in traditional luffers. The jib is assembled at ground level in only one lift, so that the assembled jib and hoisting winch may be raised. Preparation of the jib, hoisting winch and rope reeving are all completed at ground level reducing work at height requirements, while the hydraulic system provides end users with smooth and speedy luffing movement.”

“We have impressive numbers to share for the LRH174: raising the jib to 85 degrees takes only 1.8 minutes due to the powerful hydraulic unit installed in the crane. In addition, this luffer houses the new generation Raimondi safety control system. Fully electronic with redundant sensors that allows the crane to operate at the safest possible levels, Raimondi’s safety control system capabilities exceed existing heavy lifting machinery industry standards," he added.

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