Wolffkran to present the Wolff luffing crane 133B, Big Wolff 1250B and latest Wolff 6020 clear crane at bauma 2019

The crane manufacturer will also present its service portfolio including the Wolff Link remote data transmission tool and the Wolff Onsite accessories division

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Wolffkran will present the new Wolff luffing crane 133B, the Big Wolff 1250B and the latest Wolff 6020 clear crane at bauma 2019.

The Wolff 133B completes the Wolff luffing crane range in the lower load moment range. Wolffkran opted for a design with hydraulic luffing system for the 133B, which proved to be successful in the next larger model, the 166B. The hydraulic luffing system allows for a smaller out-of-service position than the conventional luffing system with rope, which is particularly important on narrow city construction sites. In addition, it offers the advantage of faster installation, since no luffing rope has to be reeved.

Wolffkran has designed two versions of the 133B: the 133.6B has a maximum lifting capacity of six tons and a tip load capacity of 2.3 tons with a maximum jib radius of 45 meters; and the 133.8B 8-ton version has a tip load capacity of 2.1 tons for customers who want a higher maximum lifting capacity.

Just like the larger 166B, the 133B can also be operated in the single or 2-fall mode. In addition, both versions offer the option of having a single-fall hook block, which makes it possible to increase the peak load capacity by a further 250kg. The 133B is fitted with a 25-meter basic jib that can be extended in 5-meter increments up to a max-imum length of 45m. The 133B can be built up to a freestanding tower height of 85 meters.

As of June 2019, the Wolff 133B will be supplied with the 2 x 2 meter tower section UV 20. (2.0m × 2.0m). A version of the crane with a connection to a 1.5 x 1.5m tower section is in development.

The Big Wolff 1250B has a jib radius of 80m and a lifting capacity of 60 tons. Although, it has been seen on numerous construction sites around the world since its market entry in 2009, this will be the first time the 1250B will be presented to the general public at a trade show. The Wolff 6020, the latest member of the clear-family in the 140-meter range, completes the Wolff trio and will be accessible to visitors. 

Wolffkran will also present further elements of its service portfolio, such as the Wolff Link remote data transmission tool and the Wolff Onsite accessories division, and introduce the Wolff Crane Configurator which allows customers to put together their crane online according to their needs. The crane manufacturer will also launch the 'Lifting Lounge', a club dedicated to crane operators and professionals.

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