Mecalac redesigns compaction roller for improved driver safety and comfort

The TV100 tandem vibrating compation roller doesn't have a steering column and can be driven exclusively with a joystick on the right console

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Most tandem rollers are manoeuvred using the wheel on the steering column. The presence of this steering column forces the driver to contort himself just to get into the seat. Once in position, he drives with one hand on the wheel, the other on the lever, all while keeping an eye on the trajectory of the front drum. Fatigue, musculoskeletal problems and risks of falling when climbing on or off are problems inherent to this traditional design.

Mecalac has designed a compaction roller, the TV100, which can be driven exclusively with a joystick on the right console. Removing the steering column improves the access, view and comfort of the driver.

The freed-up space lets the driver settle easily into position, the steps have been redesigned for easy access from any side, movements are fluid, and there are no obstacles to negotiate. With their back comfortably against the seat and right hand on the joystick, the driver has complete freedom to position their legs comfortably while keeping their eye on the work.

The TV1200 tandem vibrating compaction roller has been nominated in the design category of the bauma Innovation Award 2019, to be presented on the evening before the opening of the bauma exhibition, April 8 to 15 in Munich.

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