Al-Bahar's Machine of the Month for April 2019 is the Cat 320 next generation excavator

The success of the 2018 Machine of the Month promotions has led to Al-Bahar extending the campaign to 2019

Mohamed Abdulrahman Al-Bahar, Caterpillar, Machine of the Month, Excavator, Cat 320


Al-Bahar began 2018, with an exclusive yearlong promotional programme for Cat Machines every month. The campaign titled ‘Machine of the Month (MOM)’ features promotions focused on a particular product(s) bundled with specific customer preferred solutions, at zero additional costs.

Al-Bahar’s strategy is to increase customer anticipation with the 12 different models promoted during a year. The marketing objective is to deliver ‘exceptional service experience’ through the bundled solutions offered with every new machine purchase.

Al-Bahar launched the promotion after conducting market research about machines that are most valued by businesses in the Middle East as well as the offers that could truly add value to their purchases with lower operating costs.

Market dynamics and seasonal demand determine the machine selection for each month’s campaign. Accordingly, the MOM campaign is designed to promote a particular machine, either existing or new.

Samer Ismail, product manager - earthmoving & excavation, Al-Bahar said: “We conducted numerous surveys to understand what exactly our customers value and expect from an offer. The top two needs identified were machine reliability and machine uptime. We designed the campaign that bundle the customer-preferred solutions with selected machine models that would provide a better value proposition. We also promote new models as we try to offer the best deal for our customers with each purchase.”

The success of the 2018 MOM promotions has led to Al-Bahar extending the campaign to 2019. The Machine of the Month for April 2019 is the latest Cat 320 Next Generation Excavator. The offer includes CSA (full) for 1 year/2000 hrs and EPP for 4,000 hrs, at no additional cost.

Samer added: “If our customers succeed, we succeed too. The MOM campaigns have enabled our customers to benefit from extended warranty and service, which has led to an increase in machine uptime at no additional cost. Al-Bahar has always been flexible especially when it comes to offering support as we believe in selling solutions and not products alone. We work closely with our customers to understand and meet their need at lowest possible costs. We have many solutions and are ready to come up with new ones based on our customers’ requirements.”

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