New Genie products coming to the EMEAR region in 2019-20

Genie showcased the GS-4655 electric slab scissor lift and Z-45 FE hybrid articulating boom lift at bauma 2019

 Genie GS-4655 electric slab scissor lift.
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Genie GS-4655 electric slab scissor lift.


The Genie GS-4655 is a compact, electric slab scissor lift engineered for high indoor and outdoor access in restricted spaces. The GS-4655 provides a maximum indoor working height of 16.02m, maximum outdoor working height of 10.70m, horizontal outreach of 1.22m with fully rolled-out deck extension, as well as 25% gradeability with 14° breakover angle to climb steep ramps.

With dimensions of 3.14x1.40m and weight of 3,696kg, the GS-4655 offers a 350kg lift capacity for up to three people and their tools and materials. Fully sealed AC electric drive motors help maximise the runtime per battery charge.

Applications of the GS-4655 include narrow aisle warehouses, electrical installation and facilities maintenance tasks, as well as demanding tilt-up and heavy-duty construction jobsites. The GS-4655 will be available globally in Q3 2019.

Zach Gilmor, Genie product manager, Terex AWP, EMEAR, said: “This model’s regenerative braking system also offers the benefit of industry-leading battery runtime per charge. By replacing traditional hydraulic drive motors with its new AC system, this model relies on less hydraulic service points, thus reducing service time and costs.”

Zach Gilmor, Genie product manager, Terex AWP, EMEAR

The Genie Z-45 FE is a hybrid articulating boom lift is designed to meet demand for sustainable access solutions in the 16m range in the Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia (EMEAR) region.

Designed using the same hybrid technology as its higher lifting Genie Z-60 FE (formerly Z-60/37 FE) sister model, the Z-45 FE provides a maximum working height of 15.92m, maximum horizontal outreach of 6.94m, maximum up-and-over reach of 7.50m, and maximum lift capacity of 300kg.

The Z-45 FE combines the power and performance of typical 4WD diesel machines, with the quiet, clean efficiency of 100% electric powered units.

With its two modes of operation, the Z-45 FE boom offers rental companies a ‘2-in1’ solution adapted to indoor as well as outdoor applications, even where on-site electric power is not available. In the all-electric mode, it provides the ability to work a full shift on a single battery charge. In the hybrid mode, it offers more than a week of run time on a single tank of diesel. In this mode, the Z-45 FE uses its Stage V/Tier 5 engine-powered generator to maintain the state of charge of the batteries. The hybrid system also allows the machine to recover energy generated when braking or descending inclines, which is in turn used to recharge its batteries.

Genie Z-45 FE hybrid articulating boom lift

The Z-45 FE also has a full-time active oscillating axle system that maintains traction on rough terrain. Its 1.52m articulating jib with a 135° vertical rotation provides the ability to position workers accurately. Manufactured in Italy, the Genie Z-45FE will be available across the EMEAR region in early 2020.

Gilmor said: “Across our portfolio, the 16m range is where customer demand is the highest. The Genie Z-45FE allows operators to take up 30% more materials on the platform as compared to other hybrid machines in this height range. It also addresses the need for machines with higher energy efficiency and compliance with stricter jobsite regulations up to 16m.”
Genie also showcased a prototype of a Genie 4m platform for use with Genie Xtra Capacity (XC) mid-sized telescopic boom lifts, such as the S-45 XC, S-65 XC and S-85 XC. The 4x0.91m platform prototype offers operators the benefit of accessing a much larger working area, reducing the number of times needed to stop to reposition the machine each time workers reach the platform’s furthest edge. Designed for applications such as renovation and painting of buildings, window cleaning and cladding, the platform will be available to customers in the EMEAR region in Q3 2019.

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