Features and benefits of the Potain Crane Control System

Potain’s CCS range of tower cranes are available exclusively at NFT Specialized in Tower Cranes; so far, 10 units of the MDT 389 model have been installed by NFT across the GCC.

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The Crane Control System (CCS) is a control command system on select Potain tower cranes. The CCS makes the communication between man and machine more efficient and standardized on all machines in this new range. The load curves have increased allowing maximizing lifting capacity and allowing for more flexibility on job sites, set-up time to put the tower crane in service has been reduced significantly to 15 mins.

The CCS guarantees higher safety levels. 

Potain’s CCS range of tower cranes are available exclusively at NFT Specialized in Tower Cranes.

Some key technical solutions and benefits of the CCS include:

- Potain Plus function: CCS in general increases the load chart with the maximum speed potential; with the P+, the load chart is increased even further

- Speed Limiter function:  Adjusts the speed for all crane motions by an increment of 25%

- Power Control: Supplies power to the winch and reduces the power required by the crane, saving energy and allowing for more flexibility.

- DVF Optima: Trolley speed optimized with the load for higher efficiency.

Zone Control System: Integrated directly within the CCS, allows to create a forbidden area in the crane’s work radius to ensure more safety on the job site.

- Top Tracing III: integrated anti-collision system that can monitor up to 16 cranes for intrusion. The full screen allows for a more comprehensive view of the crane and its surroundings.

- CCS Cabin: the new cockpit under CCS has the existing features of the Ultra View cab, but with more comfort and visibility, a new sensor to detect the crane operator’s presence on the seat, ultimate operator ergonomics as all commands can be done from the joysticks and with customization mode and Jog Dial for trouble-free navigation on-screen.

- Crane Configuration Optimizer: Calculation of each crane component and combination allowing for better adaptation, and to maximize transportation and logistics.

- CraneSTAR: Data management providing real time information on work settings, maintenance, lifting programs and more. This information can be accessed remotely from anywhere.

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