Full control of concrete pumps at the fingertips of the user

Putzmeister will launch a new concrete pump, machine control and fleet management system for the Middle East at the Big 5 expo to be held in Dubai on 25–28 November, 2019.

 The Ergonic 2.0 Control System.
The Ergonic 2.0 Control System.


Putzmeister's new products for the Middle East include the Ergonic 2.0 control system, Machine Cockpit, 51-5 truck-mounted concrete pump, and new generation of iLS pumps.

The microprocessor-supported Ergonic 2.0 system regulates all the functions of concrete pumps, truck mixers and PUMIs. The Ergonic 2.0 system has seven main functions: (1) the Ergonic Pump System takes control of the concrete pump, ensuring a fully optimised pumping process; (2) the Ergonic Output Control regulates the optimum engine speed, ensuring that the concrete pump operates smoothly with fuel efficiency and low wear; (3) the Ergonic Mixer Control operates the mixer drum by radio remote control, including adding water and cleaning; (4) the Ergonic Boom Control controls and regulates the movement of the concrete placing booms, ensuring an increased placement rate and simple and safe operation; (5) the Ergonic Setup Control regulates the interaction between the flexible support and working areas and provides significantly increased protection for the machine operator and the machine; (6) the Ergonic FFS, an ergonomic boom control with joystick, ensures convenient operation and up-to-date feedback as well as system information for the machine; and (7) the Ergonic Graphic Display (Radio) Remote Control provides a transparent overview of the pumps and machine status as well as the pump settings.

One of the most significant changes in the Ergonic 2.0 control system is that the Ergonic Graphic Display has moved from the control box to the handheld Radio Remote Control, allowing the operator to view the live screen while controlling the pump remotely. The new Ergonic Graphic Display Radio Remote Control features a high-resolution all-in-one display with more intuitive controls and menu navigation. While the new remote is 30% lighter than the previous model, it is more durable and features an easy-to-clean, wear resistant body. Additionally, the single EGD-RC now acts as both the radio and cable remote.

The Machine Cockpit is an information hub for all Puzmeister machines that provides real time information on the status of pumps at the jobsite, critical status alerts, remote diagnosis capability to identify faults and implement appropriate measures, key figures for delivery rate, machine use and fuel consumption, alerts when machines are on the move and reminders for maintenance. The Machine Cockpit also forms the basis for integrating machine data into an expanded eco system as part of Building Information Modelling (BIM).

The 51-5 launched at the Bauma 2019 expo replaces the well-established 49-5 model by providing increased horizontal reach and reduced oil consumption. The 51-5 is designed for working on multi-storey buildings and on large foundations with its flexible TRDI support and the compact five-arm placing boom with RZ folding, which is very compact for a machine of the 50 m class.

Paul Bruns, regional director, Putzmeister Middle East, says: “Users faced with demanding tasks require especially sturdy, reliable machines like the 51-5. This extremely robust machine is ideal for bore pile fillings thanks to the optional available ‘tremie arm’ that replaces the standard fifth arm. The boom tip can handle extension tip loads of up to 700 kg, for example in order to fasten hoses measuring up to 20 metres long, regardless of their diameter. When it comes to work, it’s a real heavyweight, and still incredibly easy to operate thanks to the Ergonic 2.0 control system and a remote control.”

The iLS pumps, which are advanced versions of the previous HLS generation, are the most durable pumps that Putzmeister has ever been produced. The reduction of wear using larger cylinder diameters and fewer strokes has been refined. This results in a significant increase in power due prevention of leaks and approximately 10% better suction performance, which results in improved concrete flow and control. In combination with the Ergonic 2.0 control system, this saves up to 25% more fuel.

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