AMCS technologies to present new anti-collision and real-time crane monitoring technologies at the Big 5 expo

 The SUP BIM construction site supervisor.
The SUP BIM construction site supervisor.


Aand Z technologies, the exclusive dealer of AMCS technologies in the Middle East, will showcase the DCS 61-S anti-collision and zoning system and the SUP BIM construction site supervisor at the Big 5 expo in Dubai, from 25 to 28 November, 2019.

The DCS 61-S (Driving Control System Safety) anti-collision and zoning system detects in real time the risk of collision of all elements of cranes in interference or the risk of overflight over prohibited zones. The system is designed to ensure the safe execution of orders to manage machines in interference by slowing down or complete immobilization of crane at a pre-set distance from the obstacle.

The DCS 61-S system provides crane operators with a real time, 3D visualisation of the crane’s position and its environment as well as the positions of other interfering cranes on a site. It also displays programming of zones and delivery targets.

The DCS 61-S anti-collision and zoning system.

The DCS 61-S system has three features: zoning, anti-collision and data logging functions. The zoning function controls the working limits of a tower crane to avoid overflight over forbidden areas. The anti-collision function performs real time, 3D calculations to estimate distances between different crane elements and their movement speeds. It applies an adjustable safety coverage to all the machine parts including the jib, counter jib, mast, tower head, tie bars and hoist rope. The data logging function constantly collects and saves events related to the management of prohibited zones and interference functions in order to view them directly or download them to a USB flash drive. Information about the crane movement, load, position and movement of the other cranes, static obstacles and other general information required by operators are displayed on a DCS 61-S monitor.

The SUP BIM is a construction site supervisor which allows real-time and three-dimensional monitoring of projects throughout the construction cycle, from any location. The supervisor records information about all cranes equipped with the DCS 61- S or DCS 60 systems, including slewing, travelling, lifting, load, events related to anti-collision, and wind speed information, and allows to visualize the information on a single screen. It also integrates digital models of buildings under construction in the BIM format, which also enables to manage different safety risks on a construction site.

According to AMCS technologies, the SUP BIM supervisor facilitates better decision making about crane operations and improves productivity and safety on sites as operators and managers will be able to visualize the position, movement and status of cranes in real time.

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