Volvo’s EC300E hybrid excavator could reduce fuel consumption by up to 15% compared to the EC300E model


The Volvo EC300E hybrid excavator utilizes the boom down motion to charge accumulators, with the stored energy used to drive assist motors which power the hydraulic pump. The result is a 15% increase in fuel efficiency while maintaining the power and performance of a conventional EC300E model.

Unlike systems that capture the swing energy of an excavator’s superstructure to electrically assist the engine, Volvo’s hydraulic hybrid excavator takes ‘free’ energy generated by the boom down motion and uses it to reduce fuel consumption.

The regular boom-down motion charges 5.2 gallon (20 litre) hydraulic accumulators, which then deliver energy to drive hydraulic assist motors that help power the hydraulic pump. The EC300E Hybrid offers the same levels of controllability and performance as the standard EC300E, including the ability to work in ECO Mode and Hybrid Mode simultaneously.

When used in high production ‘dig and dump’ applications especially those within a 90° swing, the fuel saving payback is approximately two years and all with no loss of performance, according to Volvo CE.

While not commercially available yet, EC300E hybrids are currently undergoing field tests at customer sites in order to validate the technology in real world applications.

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