Manitowoc launches the Potain MDT 569 and MRH 175 tower cranes and Grove GMK6400-1 all-terrain crane at CONEXPO 2020

Potain MDT 569.
Potain MDT 569.


The new Potain MDT 569 tower crane from Manitowoc is one of Potain’s most high-capacity and versatile cranes, featuring a modular design with optimized component sizes and weights to facilitate easy transport and assembly.

The MDT 569 can lift large loads of material at a time: options for its maximum hoisting capacities are 22 USt (20 t), 27.6 USt (25 t) and 35.3 USt (32 t), while its maximum jib length is 262 ft (80 m). Tip capacity is up to 4.6 USt (4.2 t) when using the 27.6 USt (25 t) capacity model and working with 262 ft (80 m) jib. The maximum line speed is 640 ft/min (195 m/min) when the crane is equipped with the 150 HPL hoist. The crane can be equipped with a new 26 ft (8 m) cross-shaped base that is simple to assemble and more cost effective compared to previous bases.

The MDT 569 is also more compact for transport than previous cranes, needing only nine standard containers to transport the crane’s upper assembly. The topless design adds flexibility to sites where multiple cranes overfly the construction zone at the same time. Operators will find comfort and efficiency when using Manitowoc’s Crane Control System (CCS), as well as the crane’s ergonomic controls and Ultra View cab. Plans are for the first crane to be shipped in July 2020.

The Potain MRH 175 is the latest release in Potain’s line of hydraulic luffing jib cranes, a product line the company has continuously developed since unveiling the MRH 125 a year ago. Combining the advantages of Potain’s MR luffing jib cranes and MDT topless cranes, the MRH 175 is easy to assemble and disassemble on congested sites, making them suitable for urban projects, high-rise construction or job sites where space is limited.

The maximum capacity of the MRH 175 is 11 USt (10 t), while the maximum jib length is 180 ft (55 m). The tip capacity is 1.65 USt (1.5 t) when working with the full 180 ft (55 m) jib, or 3 USt (2.7 t) if fitted with 164 ft (50 m) of jib. The maximum line speed is 705 ft/min (215 m/min) when working with the high-performance 90HPL25 hoist. The crane’s design, with its fixed counter jib and topless structure, facilitates its trademark fast erection and dismantling, as well as making it more compact for transport, needing only four standard containers. The elements weigh under 8.5 USt (7.7 t), and there is a single counter-jib/jib foot package. The topless design also means less space is needed on sites where multiple cranes overfly the job site and the hydraulic design means no wire rope installation is needed. It also means a smaller assist crane is needed for erection as there is no cathead to assemble.

Potain’s hydraulic luffing design features a shorter counter-jib and out-of-service radius than rope-luffing alternatives. This frees up valuable space on job sites, with the MRH 175 delivering an out-of-service radius of 33.5 ft (10.2 m), regardless of jib length. Freestanding heights of up to 206 ft (62.8 m) are available with the 6.5 ft (2 m) K-mast sections, and the crane is also compatible with 5.2 ft (1.6 m) K-mast sections. On the hoisting drum, up to 3,136 ft (956 m) of rope is available with the 90HPL25 winch, allowing users to choose either 1,568 ft (478 m) in a two-fall configuration with a 5.5 USt (5 t) maximum capacity or 784 ft (239 m) in a four-fall configuration with an 11 USt (10 t) maximum capacity. Luffing the crane from the horizontal to vertical takes less than two minutes.

The Grove GMK6400-1 all-terrrain crane sets new standards in the increasingly competitive 450 USt (400 t) – 500 USt (450 t) class. It follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, the GMK6400, but includes additional reach, enabling it to take on jobs that usually require a seven-axle (or even eight-axle) crane.

The capacity-enhancing MegaWingLift attachment is available as an option for the GMK6400-1 and the self-rigging addition can be ready in less than 20 minutes, without the need for an assist crane. This attachment increases lifting capacities up to 70% and makes the crane well-suited to applications such as bridge construction, wind farm work or tower crane assembly, while the crane is also likely to prove popular in general construction or on petrochemical or industrial plants.

The GMK6400-1 has a maximum capacity of 450 USt (400 t) and a main boom of 197 ft (60 m). When fitted with its full complement of jib, it can achieve a maximum tip height of 448 ft (136 m). The GMK6400-1 boasts a compact overall package, with a length of 57.5 ft (17.5 m) and boom overhang of 5.9 ft (1.8 m). It also has the MAXbase outrigger option, for better flexibility in on-site positioning.

As with the GMK6400, the new unit has a single engine, although the hydraulic system is improved. With Linde hydraulics in the superstructure there is a higher oil flow, which in turn delivers higher operating speeds. The new engine conforms to the latest requirements for both Tier 4 Emissions Standards and EUROMOT 5. Smooth movement both on and off the road is enabled by the driveline which includes the Megatrak suspension system and the Megadrive hydrostatic drive for on-site positioning.

Unlike the GMK6400, the GMK6400-1 is fitted with Manitowoc’s Crane Control System (CCS), including boom configurator mode, and the latest GMK carrier cabin with its larger space and better visibility.

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