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Ammann provides equipment that are technologically advanced, but not so complex that it confuses or intimidates those controlling it


Operators are essential to the success of construction businesses. In the end, they deliver quality, productivity, efficiency, cost savings and more. Yet they also need the right equipment to achieve the desired outcomes.

The equipment must be technologically advanced, but not so complex that it confuses or intimidates those controlling it. Instead, the technology must complete sophisticated tasks quietly in the background while operators effortlessly leverage the value built into the machines.

Ammann equipment is engineered to help operators succeed. That includes intuitive control and comfort that keeps them fresh throughout the working shift. Ammann machines also incorporate easy maintenance to maximise uptime.

Here are some of the ways Ammann assists those who control construction machinery:
Ammann compaction expert (ACE)

Ammann compaction machines, which include heavy asphalt and soil compactors, as well as light equipment such as rammers, vibratory plates, add-on compactors and trench rollers, utilise intelligent technology to ensure all goals are met. One key technological advance is Ammann compaction expert (ACE), which helps operators confirm that compaction has been achieved before moving onto another area of the jobsite.

Multi-functional machine displays

The majority of Ammann heavy compaction machines, including the new ARS line of soil compactors, feature premium, comfortable cabs with extremely low sound levels and integrated ROPS frames. The multi-functional machine displays, integrated into the steering wheel, give the operator a quick and easy overview of key indicators including oil pressure, engine temperature, fluid levels, and more.
Electronic drive levers

Most heavy Ammann compactors utilise advanced drive control, which enables smooth starts and stops during machine operation. On some heavier Ammann asphalt compactors, an electronic drive lever provides smooth transitions that prevent damage to the freshly placed mat.

Low hand-arm vibration

Hand-arm vibration levels on some Ammann vibratory plate compactors are the lowest in the industry – less than 2.5 m/sec2. The vibration levels are so minimal that safety codes do not require documentation of operator hours.

A special mounting for the guide handle is key to the reduced HAV. The mounting isolates vibration and prevents it from reaching the operator, significantly improving both comfort and safety. Operators say the reduced HAV is noticeable from the moment they start the machine.

Ammann machines are engineered to be versatile, with many able to handle more than one task. For example, Ammann ARW walk-behind rollers include two amplitudes: a high setting for soil and aggregates and a low setting for asphalt. Traditionally, fleet owners had to purchase two separate machines to access such varied amplitudes. With the Ammann ARW line, the operator need only flip a switch to change amplitudes, and applications.
Triple-shaft exciter system

Ammann remains the technological leader in plate compaction with its patented triple-shaft exciter system. The system keeps plate movement consistent, which in turn enables smooth travel, even through heavy, cohesive soils, and helps the compactors effortlessly overcome steep grades.

Orbitrol steering

Ammann’s Orbitrol steering on light compaction machines provides high manoeuvrability. The Orbitrol steering adjusts centrifugal weights, allowing a smooth and easy change of direction.
Quick and simple service

Both light and heavy Ammann compaction machines offer easy access to maintenance and service points, helping operators complete the required tasks and quickly return to work.

The heavy compactors have draining ports that can be reached from the ground and tiltable cabs and engine hoods to make all components accessible.

Some light and heavy compactors offer toolless maintenance of various components. In addition, options for light equipment such as water tanks and paving pads can be mounted or removed without the need of any tool.

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