JLG delivers first of ten new 460SJ HC3 AWPs to rental company in Germany


JLG Industries has announced the first delivery of 10 460SJ HC3, the all-new Hi-Capacity models, to Germany-based rental company Willenbacher. The delivery expands the Willenbacher fleet of approx. 500 units on AWP’s and forklifts. 

The main advantage of the new 460SJ HC3 is its increased flexibility. When it comes down to getting all the people, materials, and tools you need to go where they need to be, lifting time is significantly reduced and efficiency is improved on-site with JLG's 460SJ HC3 extra capacity.

HC means: “Hi-Capacity", the "3" stands for three different work areas to which the machine automatically adjusts itself. Thanks to the increased load capacity of 300 kg in the entire work area and in the restricted area of the work envelope from 340 kg to 454 kg; three people with tools can carry out a wide range of tasks in height - with a maximum side inclination of 5 degrees. Stability, traction and a working height of 16,20m and a maximum outreach of 13m (depending on the platform load) and continuous a 360-degree swing characterize the HC3 series.

The 460SJ HC3 is fitted with JLG’s ClearSky telematics system. With this convenient tool, real-time information about the status of the machine can be received, allowing for easier maintenance of equipment. All activities are logged and can be easily accessed via computer. This means that any operating problems or necessary repairs that cause error messages can be solved quickly and easily - because support is also possible from a distance. The JLG 460SJ HC3 delivered to Willenbacher are equipped with non-marking tyres, making them ideal for use near buildings with new or sensitive floors.

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