MB Crusher attachments boost productivity in quarries


Operational and economic efficiencies are essential for the management and stability of quarries and mines. Due to scarcity of the extracted materials, the efficiency of crushing and reprocessing need to be as high as possible, with the minimum operating costs.

To overcome these challenges, fleet operators are employing MB Crusher attachments along with their heavy equipment. MB Crusher equipment are attached directly to the heavy machines already present in the quarry and can work even in small or difficult to access spaces. Transporting an MB unit has no additional cost as it can travel to the site together with the excavator. The operator can operate the attachments from inside the excavator cabin.

For example, a quarry in Saudi Arabia is using a BF90.3 excavator crusher installed on a Doosan 225LCA digger to recycle rocks and clay; the product obtained is then reused by the company for other operations inside the quarry. 

The MB-S23 screener bucket, the largest in the world, works on a Caterpillar 349D to select the mixed sand and rocks, the latter will then be crushed by the BF135.8 jaw crusher. Screening the material can reduce up to 60% of the crushing times. This type of operation ensures that the product is clean, of quality and ready to be reused.

By using MB Crusher attachments, the material can be crushed/screened on the spot, near where it was extracted; and the crushed/screened material can be reused in the quarry for the restoration/maintenance of the internal road network, without having to purchase the substrate material externally. Also, the maintenance of the MB units can be done on-site, easily and without risks.

Recycling waste material must be done according to certain standards in order to allow the processed material to be reused immediately. MB Crushers' bucket crushers and bucket screeners process any extracted material, even the hardest and toughest ones. The design of the units provides output precision and regular shaped pieces, allowing the material to be sold or reused on-site for the maintenance of road networks, filling of trenches and excavations, or restoration of quarries.

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